Idea Center FAQS



Memory Warning

If a Low Memory Warning is issued by the Idea Center application, save your current work by clicking the Done button and then exit the stack of open windows by clicking the Cancel button.  Finally navigate to the main Idea center splash screen.  The application will release the data held in memory that was used to populate the search screen lists.


Navigate back to your original screen taking the most direct route (fewest  screens).  Use the filter function of the Search bars to limit the number of rows displayed in the search screens to aid in memory utilization.


If the problem persists, exit the IPAD application and shut the IPAD off to clear the memory.


The Idea Center application is designed to detect network availability.  The application displays the network status whenever you start up the Idea Center or when the network status changes.


This behavior can be turned off using the settings application provided by Apple.


Exit the Idea center application and click on the settings application.   Click on the Idea Center– IPAD settings and turn the Check For Network switch off.


The Idea Center is set up for file sharing.  You can use ITunes on Mac to backup  the database and your PDF files to the Mac.


Plug your IPAD into your Mac an start ITunes.


Click on your IPAD device name under the Devices menu.


Click on the Apps tab on ITunes.


Select Idea Center –IPad under the File Sharing section at the bottom of the page.


Click on the Database IdeaCenterDB.sqlite  and click on the Save To button at the bottom of the page.