The Idea Center IPAD application is designed to allow the user to capture thoughts and ideas as they occur.

Any passing idea, lyric, haiku, joke, task or note can be quickly entered into the Idea Center database using an IPAD without the need for network connectivity.

You can be commuting on a bus, a train or a plane.

You can be waiting in the depot.

You can be on a peak in the Alaskan wilderness.

When the thought strikes you, take out your IPAD, start the Idea Center application, and jot your thought down before it slips away..

You can take a photo and save it with just a title, or you can add a description and accompanying text.

Since your idea has been captured in a database on your IPAD, you can always come back to it and flesh it out later.

The Idea Center also will create a presentable format for your idea through the use of styles and categories.

The application allows the user to create their own styles and categories that can be reused for consistent output.

Ideas can be arranged into documents, shared between documents, or just stand on their own.  Either way, ideas and documents can be formatted into PDF files and sent to a printer or emailed to friends and colleagues.

The application is easy to use and includes a full user manual.  The user manual itself was written using the Idea Center application.  Each section in the document was written as a separate idea.  The ideas were revisited and corrected a number of times.   The final PDF was then incorporated into the application.

When good isn't good enough, call BAD

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